What We Do

MONOGRAMA is an art collective dedicated to raise awareness about injustices, empower underserved communities, and foster diverse cultural expressions. Together, we believe in the transformative power of art and blockchain to inspire, challenge, and drive meaningful change in our world.

Our Mission

  • Empower Artists: We offer a platform for artists to sell and showcase their art sustainably and for a meaningful cause, while also ensuring they receive exposure both online and in physical exhibits.
  • Licensing: Through curated exhibitions, we partner with brands and institutions, aligning their culture to spotlight pressing issues.
  • Support Accessibility: We make art and crypto events around the world more inclusive, by providing lodging to artists.
  • Social Impact: We empower artists and individuals from marginalized communities globally with the tools and a platform to seamlessly integrate into the web3 ecosystem
  • Sustainability: Sales and royalties from our platform are divided to support the artist, our operations, and at least 30% of net sales towards impactful social projects.












Projects Funded

1160 Days

157 Artists

86 Countries

5 Continents

45.000 Raised

3 Projects Funded


MONOGRAMA SuperRare Space was created to promote creativity and art that educates, supporting worldwide efforts to combat climate change, hunger, poverty, and inequality. Thirty percent of net sales are destined to fund social impact projects, which are selected via vote by the MONOGRAMA community. Sales from our inaugural SuperRare collection GUARDIAN will fund projects for the Paiter Surui and Cinta Larga indigenous people of Brazil.


Monograma showcases art from in-person exhibitions worldwide to galleries in the Metaverse.

The Monograma Collection

The MONOGRAMA collection aims to showcase Art for social impact. Through curated exhibitions and displays of the collection, 30% of the net proceeds go to social initiatives. When an artwork from the collection is licensed commercially, artists receive 19% royalties. Artists have the option to license their artwork to Monograma and can also donate their artwork to the Monograma permanent collection.

The Artists Villa

The Artist’s Villa is a week-long residency for artists and collectors, coinciding with major NFT events and Art Fairs globally. Our mission is to to make events more accessible to artists by providing them with a stay in The Artists Villa.

Art by (Artists: George Boya, Dat_Ogar, Skeenee, Jaendotart, Bregobbx, Motion_Styles/ Patric Ortmann, illustrata_ai, Luke Gerbil, Gisel Florez)

Monograma -Immersive Exhibition at ETHMILAN


News and Articles


webmasterAugust 30, 2022


#OM100mteam 🙏 for your paving the way for our better future✊

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Today Monograma Turns 1 YearExhibition

webmasterAugust 26, 2022

Today Monograma Turns 1 Year

  • We’ve raised $45K+
  • Minted 215 artworks
  • Onboarded 112 artists
  • We represent 67 countries worldwide
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Will this wall be gone before the end of the day?Gallery

webmasterSeptember 2, 2021

Will this wall be gone before the end of the day?

Discover “I” for Observer on…

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Onat.Eth’s Metaversal GalleryAuction

webmasterSeptember 2, 2021

Onat.Eth’s Metaversal Gallery


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