What is the Artists Villa?

The Artist’s Villa is a week-long residency and event for artists and collectors worldwide, coinciding with major NFT events and Art Fairs. Our mission is to to make events more accessible to artists by providing:

  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Brunches
  • Intimate networking events with prominent figures in the Art and Tech industry
  • Showcases and present each participating artist on social media platforms

Pictures of the Villa by Luke Gerbil

It’s also an opportunity for artists to take a break from their usual routine and find fresh inspiration. The Villa promotes community, letting artists and collectors connect and inspire one another. It’s also a place of learning, with opportunities for cultural exchanges. Monograma also brings exposure to artists by showcasing their work through videos and social media. The Artist’s Villa is an escape, a chance for artists to grow, connect, and be celebrated.

Iteration 1: The Artist’s Villa at Trevor Jones Castle Party 2023

Our genesis Villa was organized during the Trevor Jones Castle Party. We had the privilege of hosting 11 talented artists at a picturesque Villa nestled in the Parisian countryside. From their arrival at the airport to their lodging, every logistical detail was meticulously handled by our team.

(Artists: George Boya, Dat_Ogar, Skeenee, Jaendotart, Bregobbx, Motion_Styles/ Patric Ortmann, illustrata_ai, Luke Gerbil, Gisel Florez, Basseado, Metageist)

One of the hallmark features of their stay was the creation of a collaborative collage. This masterpiece wasn’t just an embodiment of collective creativity but also a forward-looking initiative. The artwork will be auctioned, and the proceeds will be channeled into funding the next iteration of the Artist’s Villa.

Villa activations:

  • Morning brunches
  • Meet-and-greet dinners with industry leaders
  • Social media highlight of each artists
  • Collaborative artwork
  • Podcast hosted by Luke Gerbil with the NonFunGerbils podcast.

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