What is the MONOGRAMA collection?

The Monograma Collection is composed of licensed artworks to Monograma dedicated to fostering social impact.

Artists part of this collection benefit in two ways:

  1. They earn royalties whenever their artwork is licensed for exhibitions or other displays, receiving 19% of the respective proceeds.
  2. Their work contributes to social impact initiatives helping raise awareness about injustices, empower underserved communities, and foster diverse cultural expressions.

How Can Artists Join The Initiative?

Artists can be part of the collection with the process of art licensing. Which involves a mutual agreement between the artist (referred to as the Licensor) and Monograma (the Licensee). In this agreement, artists grant Monograma the rights to showcase their artwork in exhibitions, commercial displays, and other curated events. In return, artists receive royalties from the proceeds.

In addition to licensing, artists have the choice to generously donate their artwork to the Monograma Permanent Collection. Such contributions not only elevate the collection’s diversity and richness but also further the collective mission of championing social impact.

Monograma’s Commitment:

Every time artwork from the MONOGRAMA Collection is displayed, Monograma ensures that 30% of the net proceeds directly support impactful social causes. And the contributing artists receive 19% royalties, reinforcing our commitment to both social Impact and sustainable income for artists. Interested in joining the MONOGRAMA collection? Please contact us at contact@monograma.io or on Twitter.